Kyoto Plum | Floral Block Print Pillow Cover


Kyoto Plum | Floral Block Print Pillow Cover, Plum and Natural Floral Pillow, Natural Block Print Pillow, Farmhouse Pillow,

delicate floral print

This handmade all cotton, hand blocked print may not have the exact repeat & pattern alignment you see in mass produced fabrics but that simply adds to the charm of  end result.  Other small imperfections may be present due to the hand made nature of the fabric and simply add to the one of a kind character of the fabric.

FRONT – 100% Cotton Block Print

BACK – 100% Natural Seed Cotton Twill

  • Closure: Concealed zipper at bottom of pillow cover
  • All interior seams are reinforced
  • Exquisitely sewn by us in Canada
  • Care: Spot clean/Dry Clean