About Us


It’s pretty simple. We love interior design, textiles and seeing how different color combinations and fabrics work off one another.  My phone is full of design ideas taken wherever we found creative thinking.  We started  in 2007, as a mother, daughter team who had an unresolved addiction to colour, texture and pattern. Family being a paramount concern, my daughter is now spending most of her time dedicating herself and her SUV to her children.  As it should be. 

Sometimes our collections are created with colour in mind, other times it’s pattern that governs.  Always handcrafted and exquisitely sewn in Canada. 

We believe a home is meant to be lived in and its contents not so precious that they cannot withstand the occasional pillow fight.  We believe style in your home should be current not trendy and make for comfortable surroundings.  Our pillow collections do not subscribe to any particular design rules and are always contemporarily styled. 

Our customers say we deliver consistently great products, at reasonable prices, and our service is second to none.  We like happy customers and we work hard to keep them that way.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.  Visit us in store and maybe our official greeter will be there to welcome you. 

Dwellissimo is located at

78 Walton Street
Port Hope.On.L1A1N3

or dwellissimo@rogers.com



Wednesday by appt. Thursday through Sunday 11:00 am to 5:00 pm