Bed Pillow Styling Guide – Part 1

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Bed Pillow Styling Guide

Part 1


My husband once commented that he’s seen more throw pillows rotate throughout our house in a year than he’s possessed in his entire life. To be fair, I don’t recall seeing a lot of (if any) pillows in his home when we first met, so it’s all relative…..  I suspect like a lot of people, he does not see the utility of throw pillows anywhere, especially in his bedroom.  A male/female aesthetic argument, I suppose.  Full steam ahead, because we are going to discuss and promote the use of throw pillows on beds. Bear in mind if you live with someone who does not see the benefits of throw pillows, your cushions will undoubtedly end up on the floor nightly. This is as good a resting place as any, particularly if your partner picks them up in the morning.

The “less is more theory” may work.  Pick one really long, large lumbar to place in front of your sleeping pillows. Looks good, makes bed making a flash, and settles the aforementioned problem.

Photo: Sara Liggoria-Tramp                                                                                                    Photo: Tessa Neustadt


From the type of pillow used to the placement and size, each detail can make a big difference in how cozy and inviting your bedroom looks.

Let’s start by talking about the foundation needed to set up bed pillow arrangements. When creating great style it’s always important to appreciate form and function. You want your bedroom space to be aesthetically pleasing but let’s face it, your bed was meant for sleeping so we start there.

Sleeping pillows are the most important piece to styling any sized bed. They are essential for sleeping but they also provide the required structure to prop up your decorative throw pillows.  Sleeping pillows are the subject of an entire article and not within my realm of expertise.  Suffice to say, research and buy the best you can afford.

Make sure to use the correct size for your bed and use 2 pillows per head.

The first step is to lay your sleeping pillows flat either upright against your headboard or one on top of the other on the bed.

We have found two sleeping pillows together give enough height and thickness to build your decorative pillow arrangement.


Next up is the fun part. Choosing the throw pillows to populate your bed, particularly if you are in “the more rather less school of thought”.  There are, however, a few things to consider when choosing pillows.  You will need to consider quantity, color, size, pattern, and texture.

We created an easy to refer to Styling Guide or Cheat Sheet for pillow placement on beds. We have assumed here that the pillows shown in our guide will be placed against 2 sleeping pillows per head.